The Oregon Ducks are known for their flash.  This year in football, they had like 27 uniforms.  In the BCS title game, their shoes looked like they were dipped in highlighters.  And now the basketball team wants in on the action.  Their new court is making a lot of noise in the sports world, and making a lot of viewer change the channel.

Oregon defeated USC last night in the opening game at their new Matthew Knight Arena.  I personally think the court looks awesome.  But it seems like most people disagree.  Complaints about the glare, the camouflaging effect the graphics have on the three point line, and the ugliness of the court are all over the internet today.  Yahoo Sports has more on the story.

It's not as bad as the Boise State football field.  I think the tree theme is kind of hippie-ish, but it looks kinda cool.  As long as the glare gets cut down, I'm all in on this.