This is freaky!  An Orlando DJ was attacked by a man while she was broadcasting live.

A listener heard what was happening and called police.

The unidentified woman was conducting a prayer over the air when the attack happened.  It is a christian radio station that broadcasts locally and to Haiti from a church.

The assailant, Donal Destin did not know the radio host, but said he was attracted to her.  He claims he was not there to rape her, but he was touching himself and making threats.

Police say he did try to rape the woman.

Somehow the woman was able to get Destin to go outside and ended up locking herself safely in her car.

I cannot even imagine!  Since the broadcast was taking place at a church it was probably very easy for this nut to get in.

Destin was denied bond and remains in jail.


Have you ever had to deal with a crazy person at your work?