The employees of the Down Home Diner Family Restaurant in Otisville are keeping the restaurant open until they make the money they are owed by their owner after he skipped town.

There's nothing worse than not being appreciated by your employers... well, maybe there is. Add not being compensated for the work you are doing in the mix and a lack of appreciation doesn't sound all that bad.

We've all seen stories about business owners surprising employees by closing down their business by surprise, but this one has a twist. The employees are now running the show in order to make the money that they are owed by their now former employer.

According to one employee of the Down Home Diner's Facebook page, the employees were called this morning and told that the owner, Paul Williams, had left town. Since he allegedly still owed the workers wages, they will be keeping the diner open until they run out of product to serve.

The Down Home Diner Family Restaurant is located on Vienna Rd off of M-15 in Otisville.

Update: Apparently the owner hadn't skipped town like the employees believed. You can see the interviews with both he and the general manager, who is keeping the doors open below.

What do you think -- are the employees in the right or should the owner have a little more time to reimburse them before they turn his restaurant into a fire sale?