I don't really understand what this group thinks they're going to achieve by camping out in a Flint park but protesters love to protest regardless of an end goal.

According to WNEM, this group is called "Camp Promise" and they're living in tents at Flint's Kearsley Park. One of the organizers said members are reaching out to the community to fix up homes, to help residents with the water crisis, and to spread a valuable message. That message and their main agenda is compassion, respect and love.

I guess having a positive message isn't the worst thing that could happen when it comes to protesting in Flint. The issue though is that their camping out in the park and that's an ordinance violation.

The chief of police told WNEM that he plans to assess the situation tonight and will then make a decision.

Spreading the message of love is great and all but what I want to know is how much work is actually getting done here. Are they really fixing up homes? If they're living in tents, where are they keeping all their tools and supplies to fix up homes? The whole thing just seems kida of weird...but that's just me.

Source: WNEM