Later this month, the University of Michigan will house the largest congregation of computer hackers in the nation. More than 1,200 nerds, with more than enough knowledge of code to wipe out most of our bank accounts and start new lives somewhere in the Cayman Islands, are set to compete for more than $25,000 in prizes during the universities hackathon series known as MHacks.

Hackers from colleges and high schools all across the country will be making their way to the university’s football stadium to brainstorm innovative ideas and put together prototypes for various projects.

This year marks the second MHacks conference. The inaugural event drew in some 520 hackers that ended up developing apps that allow people to communicate in real-time as well as wireless effects processors for musical instruments.

“This is the kind of event that people are going to look back on in 10 years and wonder how so many big names, so many talented people were all at the same place at the same time,” said David Fontenot, the founder of MHacks. “You’re not going to find the next Mark Zuckerberg in a dorm room.  You’re going to find him or her at MHacks. This isn’t just about Michigan anymore. This is about changing the way young people see the world. When you realize what you can build in a weekend, your view of the world is forever changed.”

The MHacks hackathon provides participants with six meals and travel expenses…energy drinks too. And don’t worry, your bank account is safe. Most of these brainy young lads have more to gain from conducting themselves legitimately than they ever would living a life of crime.

MHacks happens on September 20-22. To find out more about the event click here.