Ozzy Osbourne has been labeled many things over the years; crazy, offensive, satanic, etc. The one term you don't hear people say in connection with the Ozzman very often is 'big-hearted', that may change after his recent promise to pay a visit to dying teen.

Los Angeles television network KTLA ran an incredibly sad story about 14 year old Kyle Rodas (of Arleta, California) who is dying from brain cancer. Rodas lost his vision during the battle with the terminal illness and his parents told KTLA news that his last wish is to meet one of his favorite bands before he passes; Linkin Park, Green Day, or Ozzy Osbourne.

Not even a full day later, Ozzy caught wind of the story and placed a call to Rodas. Ozzy promised to pay him a visit at his home as soon as the European tour he and his band are currently on wraps up. Kyle's parents fear that he may not be able to hold on that long as his condition is critical and doctors say he can go at anytime. His parents said that he was incredibly happy to talk to the rock icon, Ozzy even tried to instill hope in Rodas by urging him to "Hang in there".

Yesterday Kyle was visited by Linkin Park drummer Rob Bourdon and vocalist Chester Bennington was said to be paying him a visit today. It's definitely sad to see someone that young in such a dire situation, but it's good to know that there are artists who still care enough about their fans to try and make someone's dying wish come true.