Sort of. Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon are teaming up with CBS to give away a trip to New York, $500, and...a colonoscopy?

A contest that sounds quite unusual at first, is actually a good intentioned move on the part of the Osbourne's and 'The Late Show With David Letterman' announcer Alan Kalter. They have joined forces with the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital to create the CBS Cares Colonoscopy Sweepstakes. One lucky, and simultaneously unlucky, winner will receive airfare to New York City, $500 to play with, and hotel accommodations. Oh yeah, they'll also get a camera crammed in their rectum.

All joking aside, a colonoscopy is a medical procedure in which a camera is inserted rectally and can detect all kinds of problems early -- such as abnormal growths, inflamed tissue, ulcers, etc. According to Noisecreep, Sharon Osbourne recently explained her and Ozzy's involvement in the contest on her television program 'The Talk':

"My life was saved by a colonoscopy that Ozzy urged me to have and I hope everyone who sees the campaign will enter the sweepstakes and talk to their doctor about the importance of screenings," Sharon, 59, recently remarked. The famed artist manager and 'The Talk' host is a colon cancer survivor and advocate for early detection of the disease."

For more information about how you can enter visit the official CBS Cares Colonoscopy Sweepstakes website. Ozzy Osbourne is currently working with Black Sabbath on their first new album in almost 34 years, however, guitarist Tony Iommi was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma -- which may cause a substantial delay in any future plans the group may have had.