With the end of the year approaching the "Best Of" lists are popping up like crazy.  Best movie of 2010, best celebrity couple of 2010, it goes on and on.

This year Ozzy has a list of his own.  His 10 favorite metal albums of 2010.

Check it out and see if you agree with "The Prince Of Darkness".

1.  "Scream"  Ozzy Osbourne  (Go figure)

2.  "Order Of Black"  Black Label Society

3.  "The World Is Yours"  Motorhead

4.  "Slash"  Slash

5.  "Made Of Metal"  Halford

6.  "Korn II: Remember Who You Are"  Korn

7.  "Cowboys From Hell" (Reissue)  Pantera

8.  "Hourglass" Box Set  Lamb Of God

9.  "Days Of Defiance"  Firewind

10.  "Iron Man 2"  AC/DC