"The Prince Of Darkness", Ozzy Osbourne is lending his voice to a new ad campaign for Brisk Iced Tea.

The rocker will appear as a claymation Ozzy in the commercials.  The basis of the spot is clay Ozzy listing the virtues of being "normal", providing suggestions on fitting in and giving tips on how to decorate your cube at work, WTF?  Just one sip of Brisk snaps the Oz man back to his true rocker self!  Wow, powerful stuff  I guess.

Brisk executive Mary Barnard says;

"Ozzy is continuously reinventing himself.  From rock star to reality TV presence to author and advice columnist, Ozzy is creating and doing new things.  People love him for that".

When asked about the campaign Osbourne said:

"%$uck skjkaiueiur jkjiuiel.. hgoieuwl*!"

Okay?  LOL

Ozzy hits the Palace of Auburn Hills February 12th.