Someone who usually does spreads in Playboy will be spreading the gospel this Christmas Season.  Pam Anderson has been cast as the Virgin Mary in a Canadian television special, "A Russell Peters Christmas".   If they need to cast the Three Wise Men, may I suggest Kid Rock, Tommy Lee and Tommy Lee's penis?

I can see Pamela doing the "The Vagina Monologues", but portraying the Virgin Mary?  If Pam's vagina could talk I would be all ears.  She has had her share of some pretty awesome guys.  However, if you think about it, a religious role may not be out of her realm, I am sure that many men saw God while inside her, yelled his name at least...."Oh God, Oh God"!  Let's face it, her body has answered many prayers.

I am not schooled on all things religion, but I think Mary rode into town on a mule or donkey of some sort.  Since Pam is PETA crazy, maybe she will ride in on a giant penis?  Another part for Tommy Lee perhaps?

The Christmas special airs December 1, 2011 in Canada according to

Ho ho hoe!