Yesterday was the holiday that some metal heads like to call 'National Slayer Day' (6/6). I thought it was a good excuse for me to post these kick ass classic videos. Check out Pantera paying homage to thrash metal kings Slayer by performing a couple of classics with Kerry King and Dimebag on guitar.

This video was taken from a show in the late 80's (as you can see from the old school VHS timestamp) just before the recording and release of 'Cowboys from Hell'. Here you get to see two of the greatest metal guitarists throw down on two of the most recognizable metal songs. Andrew Dice Clay opened the show according to Phil's 2 minute rant at the beginning of 'Raining Blood', that's a weird night of entertainment huh? This probably goes without saying but some of the language in the videos is NSFW so maybe bust out your headphones and enjoy.