Papa Johns is now big brother?  A Papa Johns delivery guy delivered more than a pizza to one Colorado man.  I guess you could say his order came with extra bacon.  Frederick Smith is a medical marijuana smoker and used his medication before his order was delivered (makes sense).  Upon delivery, the pizza guy/spy smelled the pot in the air and called the police.

9 News is reporting that the delivery guy notified police because their was a nine year old girl in the home, Smith's daughter.  A check was made of the home and the girl was not removed.  Smith actually notified the media himself because, quote:

"I wanted to be able to use medical marijuana and not feel harassed."

Smith claims he never smokes in front of his daughter and is prescribed the medication from a doctor because of chronic pain.  So the big question is, was the delivery guy crossing the line or do you think he did the right thing by alerting police?

Papa Johns slogan is "Better Ingredients, Better Pizza."  Maybe they should change it to "Better Ingredients, Better Pizza, Better Not Be Smoking!"