On the Cinemax Channel's 'Max Tour Stories', Papa Roach gives fans a peek behind the curtain and the lowdown on which member gets laid the most, how they've pissed off other bands on their tour, setting each other on fire and more. Sounds like these dudes know how to party.

Most bands keep their off-stage antics on the down low and us regular folk don't get to hear about the day to day craziness that is being a successful rock star. Papa Roach is not most bands. In the new mini-doc segments airing on Cinemax, the band pulls no punches in sharing their wild party antics.

The band is currently on the Rock Allegiance tour with Buckcherry, Puddle of Mudd, and others, for dates click here.  They are also writing songs for their next record which, according to their blog, won't be ready for quite some time.