The death of Paul Gray still weighs heavily on Slipknot and Slipknot fans.  Now his widow, Brenna Gray is speaking out about his death and battle with drug addiction in "Revolver" magazine.

Brenna tells the rock mag that most people do not understand drug addiction and calls it a "sickness".  She goes on to say she can understand the lack of compassion people have for a rock star that dies due to drug use.  Brenna said, quote:

"If he could control it, he would".

Brenna is very honest and forthcoming in the interview.  She also said about 6 weeks prior to Paul's death she had noticed something was not right, but could not put her finger on it.  Apparently one day before his passing she found drug related items in their home.  Brenna then confronted Paul and he promised to get help after the tour.

Brenna said she called the band manager and asked that the tour be shut down.

Obviously we know the rest.  One very important piece of information is that Paul did have heart disease, but they were not aware of it until after his death.  This did contribute to his passing.

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