With a weekend music festival, Canadian tour, movie, soundtrack, and new record all in the works from Pearl Jam, you would think they would be all booked up for the next 3 months. Somehow they have found time to pencil in a two night stand on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' ahead of their 'Pearl Jam Twenty' doc's release in September.

Although guitarist Mike McCready has previously sat in with the show's house band The Roots, the grunge survivalists will make their first appearance on 'Late Night' September 8th -- followed by another the following night. The last time Pearl Jam appeared on NBC was the premiere of 'The Tonight Show' with Conan O' Brien behind the desk. I think we all remember how that one ended.

Pearl Jam rarely makes television appearances, even more rare are ones in-between new albums. In 2004 they made an appearance on David Letterman to promote the 'Vote for Change Tour' where they covered the Bob Dylan song 'Masters of War'.

Since they will be promoting an array of things (a new album not being one of them) there is no telling what they will play. It's quite possible that they will play the single from the 'Pearl Jam Twenty' soundtrack, their cover of predecessor Mother Love Bone's 'Crown of Thorns'. Hopefully they will toss us a sample of their new material as they did on 'The Tonight Show' -- the band played 'Got Some' from the album 'Backspacer' nearly four months prior to it's release.

Next up for Pearl Jam is their weekend long 20th anniversary celebration in East Troy, Wisconsin (A.K.A. 'PJ20'). The two day music festival also includes Queens of the Stone Age, The Strokes, Mudhoney and is set for September 3rd & 4th.