Pearl Jam have just debuted the official music video for their new single 'Sirens,' a tender and melodically rich tune from their forthcoming album 'Lightning Bolt.'

It's been a while since Pearl Jam has assembled a song this deep with this many layers. 'Sirens' features some interesting musical dynamics and hearkens back to early heart-string-tugging ballads from the band like 'Black' and 'Indifference.' The track also features a ripping guitar solo courtesy of Mike McCready, who, in full-on Santana mode, is wearing both an electric and an acoustic guitar in the video.

This is the second song officially released from 'Lightning Bolt,' which is due out October 15th. After years of being a giant Pearl Jam fan, it's great to see them get this kind of recognition in the world of mainstream rock again. 'Mind Your Manners' has steadily been climbing the charts and impressing even the biggest PJ haters.

While 'Sirens' may be too heartfelt for, say, the average Five Finger Death Punch fan to make any waves at active rock radio. It does, however, prove that after more than two decades, the band still has a few (very good) tricks up their sleeve. Some other tracks that leaked online earlier this week -- the Black Keys-esque 'Let the Records Play' and 'Getaway' -- will further that notion once the public gets a hold of them. I fully expect this to be the album that wakes all of those who've been unjustly "sleeping" on Pearl Jam for years. The bottom line is that this is one of (if not the) greatest American rock bands.