It was surprising that Pearl Jam didn't debut anything from their new album at their 20th anniversary birthday bash (PJ20) last weekend -- apparently they were saving it for Jimmy Fallon. Check out the video of the band battle testing their new rocker 'Olé' -- and then download the studio version for free.

Pearl Jam will be heading up to Canada for a brief tour celebrating their 20th anniversary and also to support their upcoming documentary, book, and soundtrack album. Before they made their way to the great white north, PJ dropped by  Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to debut a song that will most likely appear on their upcoming tenth studio album.

This is not the first time Pearl Jam has debuted new music on television. In 2009 they introduced the world to the new song 'Got Some' on Conan O' Brien's premiere on The Tonight Show -- that song did not appear on an album until 'Backspacer' was released four months later. The band also premiered the song 'Not For You' on Saturday Night Live in 1994 -- about eight months prior to the release of 'Vitalogy'.

There is good news though, if you cant wait four or eight months for the next album, you can download the studio version of 'Olé' at right now.