Pearl Jam have been making the preparations to have an unprecedented 20th anniversary celebration for their fans this year. Part of their plans for this year include the release of the Cameron Crowe directed documentary 'Pearl Jam Twenty' on September 20th. Yesterday the band held a scavenger hunt to unveil the tracklist for the accompanying soundtrack and we have the results for you.

Amidst readying a new album and a 2 day birthday bash/music festival (named PJ20) in Alpine Valley, Wisconsin Labor Day weekend, the Seattle grunge survivors have also been working with Cameron Crowe on a documentary chronicling the band from birth to present. Crowe went through thousands of hours of unseen footage and filmed new interviews with the band and their friends to cultivate the rock-doc.

Fans that are envious of Crowe's access to incredibly rare footage of the band will go crazy once they realize that he got to handpick the film's soundtrack from the even larger vault of Pearl Jam recordings, a good majority of which have never been heard outside of the band and their producers.

Yesterday the band had a physical and digital scavenger hunt for fans to find the songs that will be contained within the two-disc, 29-song 'Pearl Jam Twenty' soundtrack. The scavenger hunt was a bit hard to understand, but now that it's over we have the official tracklist for you. Most of the songs appear to be live recordings, but some studio alternate takes and rarities will appear as well. The 'Pearl Jam Twenty' soundtrack is set to release on the same day as the film, September 20th.

'Pearl Jam Twenty' Soundtrack Tracklist
* denotes "Live recording from"

  1. 'Release'  * Verona, Italy
  2. 'Alive' * The Moore Theatre in Seattle)
  3. 'Garden' * Zurich, Switzerland
  4. 'Why Go' * Hamburg, Germany
  5. 'Black' * MTV Unplugged
  6. 'Blood' * Auckland, New Zealand
  7. 'Last Exit' * Tapei, Taiwan
  8. 'Not For You' * Manila, Philippines
  9. 'Do the Evolution' * Monkeywrench Radio
  10. 'Thumbing My Way' * Chop Suey Seattle
  11. 'Crown of Thorns' * Las Vegas, NV
  12. 'Let Me Sleep (Christmas Time)' * Verona, Italy
  13. 'Walk With Me' * Mountain View, CA
  14. 'Just Breathe' * Saturday Night Live
  15. 'Say Hello to Heaven' Demo
  16. 'Times of Trouble' Demo
  17. 'Acoustic #1' Demo
  18. 'It Ain't Like That' Demo
  19. 'Need to Know' Demo
  20. 'Be Like Wind' Demo
  21. 'Given to Fly' Instrumental
  22. 'Nothing as it Seems' Demo
  23. 'Nothing as it Seems' * Seattle, WA
  24. 'Indifference' * Bologna, Italy
  25. 'Of the Girl' Instrumental
  26. 'Faithfull' * Pistoia, Italy
  27. 'Bu$hleaguer' * Uniondale, NY
  28. 'Betterman' * New York, NY
  29. 'Rear View Mirror' * Los Angeles, California