Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder has engaged in a legal battle in hopes that the web domain will be returned to him.

Fusible reports that Vedder's team filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization this week regarding rights to the web domain. Pearl Jam previously owned the domain name from the mid-2000's until 2010, when it switched over to Whois privacy.

The website is currently up for sale for $18,400 on Aftermarket, which is a good thing for Vedder. The chances of the name being returned to his company E.V. Touring Inc., who also own the trademark on his name, are better since it appears the current owner is trying to profit off of the Pearl Jam vocalist's name. Cases like these are often unpredictable -- Lady Gaga lost a similar dispute over the rights to in September.

Vedder and Pearl Jam are currently organizing summer tour dates overseas, which will take place after they resume work with producer Brendan O' Brien on their halfway-done tenth album sometime this spring.