Despite his religious allegiance, former Michigan pastor Jeremy Grinnel just could not pass up an opportunity to spy on a lesbian couple having sex. Earlier this week, the peeping pastor appeared before Kent County Circuit Court and confessed his masturbatory shortcomings to a judge.

According to reports, Grinnel used a ladder to climb up to the window of a Grand Rapids home and then watched as two women sprained their tongues on a taco buffet, so to speak. However, it can be difficult to whack off on a ladder without making any noise, which may or may not have been what tipped off the women that they were being watched.

The next night Grinnel returned to see the sloppy sequel, but instead of giving him a free girl-on-girl peep show, the two were waiting to catch the pervert in the act. When they confronted him, the peeping pastor told one of the women that he had shown up just to pray for her.

However, Grinnel's defense did not set well with the judge, who is rumored to have told him, “I know you are lying, because it is difficult to pray with one free hand.”

He will be sentenced in June.