Even after 500 hours of use a Quebec man is still waiting for his penis pump to start working. Now he is taking the penis pump producer to small claims court, fighting for under average men everywhere.  Check out the details inside.

At least you can save your money.  Penis enlargers don't work.  The legal dispute behind the matter has now reached the Canadian court system.  According to consumerist.com a Quebec man is looking to get his money back and warn other men.

He's going before small-claims court, trying to get $762 in moral and punitive damages and to cover the cost of the tool in question, the $262 X4 Extender Deluxe Edition

I say thumbs up to this dude.  He's gotta have a big set, even if he has a small number, to go out in public and admit his shortcomings.  Also, how awesome is the name of that penis pump?  X4 Extender Deluxe sounds like it could be a truck or power tool or something.