A new video supposedly "unveiling the truth" behind the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy in Newton, Connecticut has people saying the whole thing was a hoax.

People will believe anything you put in front of them apparently, regardless of its source's credibility. When watching this ridiculous conspiracy video, the first thing that jumped out at me was the misspelling of the word "hologram." I'm supposed to buy this government cover-up/Obama's secret plot to steal our guns BS from someone who can't read and write at a 10th grade level?

And second of all, at the beginning we're looking at YouTube video of people talking and police searching for the alleged 2nd and 3rd shooters in what could be any random woods. In fact, the first kid we see talking doesn't even appear to be saying the words that you hear. There is also a picture of President Obama with one of the alleged victims, which is definitely real because no one is allowed to use Photoshop on the President, right?

There are some other "facts" thrown around in this video and hey, believe this crap if you want to -- I'm not biting. Just because you package something somewhat believably -- that doesn't make it true. At least they play a good song (Guns N' Roses' 'Estranged') in the background, which makes it a little easier to waste a half hour of your life.

What Do You Think -- Is This Video Legit or Bulls**t?