Stephen Colbert, longtime host of Comedy Central's Emmy-Winning 'The Colbert Report,' is taking a consider amount of heat via social media because most of the internet makes snap judgements based on very little information.

Stephen Colbert did a bit on his show mocking Washington Redskins owner Dan Synder and his new campaign to get on the good side of Native Americans, who are unhappy with the team's offensive name. Snyder started a foundation called "The Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation" because, as Stephen points out, starting an organization  with the very term that is the point of contention in the name is a sure-fire way to build a great relationship. The organization made a few seemingly misguided attempts to make peace with those who would like to see the team change their name.

After pointing this out in his usual sarcastic way, Colbert then did what he always does, puts on the character of "the guy that doesn't get what's wrong with this situation" in order to point out exactly what's wrong with it. This is what he does. This has always been what he does and he's quite good at it.

Colbert then joked about making peace with Asians over a stereotypical and offensive character of his with the "Ching Chong Ding Dong Foundation for Sensitive to Orientals or Whatever." Obviously, this is a bit showcasing his usual satirical humor. However, when an unfortunate excerpt of the bit was tweeted by Comedy Central (now deleted) a bunch of people collectively lost their s---.

The bottom line is that people are stupid and anything meant to be humorous is offensive when taken out of context. This is probably the least offensive or racist statement made on Comedy Central this week. Have you ever seen 'Tosh.0?' They're not going to #CancelColbert, so stop tweeting it and watch his show sometime. Only then will you understand why this isn't a big deal and how dumb it is to take a comedian seriously.

If it helps you any, here is how Stephen himself responded to the out-of-context tweet posted by Comedy Central:

If the video is malfunctioning earlier - our apologies, but it is out of our control