Personalized license plates, also know as vanity plates, could start getting pretty interesting in Michigan. A recent report from The Associated Press reveals that the state of Michigan has thrown in the towel against an Ann Arbor man who has been fighting to have “WAR SUX” branded on his license plate.

Earlier this week, the Secretary of State decided to settle its lawsuit with David DeVarti, and will allow him to purchase a WAR SUX vanity plate. Now, this is where driving around Michigan could start being a lot more fun… The state agency also said that it would no longer enforce the law that gives them the authority to challenge and reject a potential license plate because it seems “offensive to good taste and decency.”

What this means, folks, is if you want to get a license plate that reads “PSSY FRT,” “FUK ME” or “LCK BALLS” – go right ahead. The local government is finished trying to censor the your streets.

However, you had better act fast. There is speculation that this lawsuit, which cost Michigan $21,500, will spawn a change of policy in the near future.