This is so sad, I can't imagine what this poor girl is going through. A four year old British girl was dragged off her chair and had her face bitten several times by her fathers Alaskan malamute dog.  The Sun is reporting that little Jorja Caze-Ramscar, was just about to  have dinner with her dad when the dog attacked her. 

According to the girls mother, Karine, the dog dragged her daughter to the floor and chewed her face.  The mother however was not there at the time of the attack.  Jorja received 20 stitches and had to see an eye specialist.

As of now the dog has not been put down, but was actually sent to another families home. WTF?  That does not sound like a good idea to me.  I do not know how someone could see these horrible pictures of this sweet little girl and let the dog live.  What if the dog attacks again?  What are your thoughts on this matter?