If you are like me,  you are a little curious about the house keeper, Mildred Baena, that had a child with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I figured it would not take long for pics of her to surface and it didn't.

I am no super model for sure, however I did think the woman would be a little more attractive, possibly younger than she is.  On the same token, the child is 10 years old, so a lot can happen to a person's looks in ten years.

That being said, you would think the "Sperm-Inator" would of pulling hotter women.  I am guessing that he has!

To my knowledge, pictures of the child's face have not been released, which is good.  This media explosion is not his fault and he does not deserve to have camera's following him.

I am sure this situation is very difficult for the other Schwarzenegger children as well.

Truth be told I found out I had a 10 year old brother, Patrick,  when I was about 5 or 6 years old.  We share the same father.  Honestly I don't know if my parents were married at the time he was conceived.  I really dont' care.  He is my brother and I love him.

Celebrity or not things like this happen in life.

Family drama is like the terminator...."It Will Be Back"!

This is what the Today show had to say about the situation this morning.