You've seen them all over Facebook, pictures of people holding sign that say, "If I get a million likes (or shares) ______ says I can get _______." Thankfully, this gentlemen does his best to put a stop to our least favorite Facebook offenders.

This is another example of something that starts off with the best of intentions and is actually very creative, until the internet gets a hold of it and drives it into the ground. Remember when every single person with a camera had a '_______ goes Gangnam Style' video? Actually, 'Gangnam Style' sucked from the get go, but the interwebs just made it more annoying. Asking for likes or shares this way is the new 'Gangnam Style.'

This was actually cute when the kids at the top of the page tried to get a cat from their parents. Problem is, everyone is doing it now. Seriously, I recently saw a picture where a dude said he told his wife they could have a baby if he got a million likes. I was so annoyed by this, I told them that if they're basing their decision to raise a child on Facebook likes, they would be horrible parents. I also suggested they get a puppy instead. As good as I felt about that, I wish I would've had the idea the smart guy in the picture below did.