After a long interruption in their online services due to the network being hacked, the people at Sony have worked hard to restore the system. Last month saw the reinstatement of online play for PlayStation Network users and before the week is out all services will be back up and running.

Anytime you have a huge company like Sony who drops the ball with the credit card info of it's clients, it's a huge black eye on their reputation. Some gamers have been forgiving (myself for example) and others not so much, there is even a lawsuit or two pending against the electronics giant over the security meltdown. All I know is that accidents happen and all my money remained untouched by hackers, I ain't mad at ya Sony.

The company has released a statement via their official blog saying that full services will be restored by the end of the week, this includes the PlayStation Store, Qriocity music services, and Media Go. That means gamers will also be able to get their freebies that Sony is offering as an olive branch to disgruntled PS3 owners. You will get a free month of PlayStation Plus (current subscribers get two free months) and be able to download any two of the following games for free from the PlayStation Store:

  • LittleBigPlanet
  • inFAMOUS
  • WipeoutHD + Fury
  • Super Stardust HD
  • Dead Nation

PSP owners will have a shorter list of titles to choose from and there will also be some free movie viewing options as part of Sony's "reparations" package. The company is also offering free identity protection services to all PSN users which you can sign up for here.