Over the past few weeks, a psychopath has been terrorizing motorists on I-96 and randomly shooting at cars driving by.  Now it seems that police may have the man behind the shootings in custody, check out the details.

Wixom Police Department

When you're driving along in your car, the last thing you worry about is your car getting shot for no reason whatsoever.  But that's what drivers on I-96 have been facing since October 16th.  24 random shootings have been reported and luckily only one person what injured with a nonfatal shot.

While no formal charges have been pressed, police confirm that a 43-year-old man from Wixom has been arrested in connection with the shooting.  The arrest came Monday night in Wixom after multiple days of surveillance and investigation.  Almost 3,000 tips came into local police agencies and played a valuable role in leading to the arrest.

Police say the arrest took so long to make because of how the man was committing the crimes.  State Police Lt. Mike Shaw said "He was approaching from the opposite direction, fired and kept on driving past the victim.  A lot of times by the time people realized what happened, he was already on his way."

Source: MLive