At first glance, this video looks like a clear case of a cop with a chip on his shoulder using excessive force. I mean, he shoves a guy out of his wheelchair! Once you know the entire situation, your feelings about the video may change...

...but probably not. It's still overkill in my opinion. The video is actually from October of 2013, but the video just hit the interwebs last week. Lafayette Police initially became involved with 25-year old Nicholas Kincaide when he told security guards at the Excel Center, an Indiana public school, that he had a gun in his backpack. Obviously, they called the cops.

When police arrived on the scene, a search of Kincaide's person turned up no gun, but a pocket knife. He was given a trespassing warning and asked to leave the premises. In doing so he rolled his motorized wheelchair over the foot of Officer Tom Davidson, who apparently took it as an intentional assault on a police officer and took Kincaide to the ground, and aided by his several backup officers, cuffed and arrested him.

So Kincaide is not completely innocent here. He was claiming to have a gun on school property, which is pretty surefire way to draw an instant amount of negative attention to yourself. However, Officer Davidson could've resolved this in a less confrontational manner. Seriously, I haven't seen a cop be this aggressive with a disabled man since Denzel shoved a pen down Snoop's throat in 'Training Day.' "You want to go to jail or you want to go home?"

Get the news story on the incident below.