Monday evening a pregnant Detroit mother of four went missing after leaving work around 7 p.m.. 

According to WXYZ, Monai Hemphill, 25, dropped her kids off at school Monday morning and then went to work. That evening at 7 p.m. she left work and was never heard from again.

They believe she's in danger of harming herself as she suffers from depression and left a message on her Facebook page which was basically a goodbye message to her family.

She drives a tan, four-door 1998 Plymouth.

If you see her call Detroit Police immediately at (313) 427-8996

It's so sad if she really is suicidal like her mother believes. I mean she already has four kids to think about and fifth on the way. I'm sure the pressure of that alone is overwhelming but she has to think about others as hard as it may be. The damage she could cause would be irreversible.

Source: WXYZ