Now for some not so shocking news.....

A poll conducted by Ask Men & Cosmopolitan shows most men would leave their girl if she porks out.

But before you start to high five your buddies, you should know that the same poll indicates that 18% of women wish their men were bigger and I don't mean in the belly area.

MSNBC breaks down the poll.  The results are as follows:

Nearly half of men questioned in the poll of 70,000 people said they would leave a partner who gained weight.

Two-third of men also said they had fantasized about their partner's friends, Very few women admitted to doing the same thing, only one-third.

I have to say I think this is pretty accurate.  May not be fair or right, but accurate nonetheless.

What do you think?

Would you leave your partner if she or he gained weight?  Do you tell your partner they are fat?

Also, who will admit to impure thoughts about your girl and or guys friends?