I HATE tags, and I almost flipped out in public recently, because a tag was touching my bare skin. I posted on Facebook about it and found out that many of my FB friends have strange things that drive them insane. Do you? 

It's always been a thing, since I was a child. For some reason though, it's only tags on products like blankets, towels, and teddy bears...even the tags on electronics like blow dryers and heating pads. My clothes still have the tags, unless they're itchy or keep popping out, but all others MUST go. It's so bad that a few months ago, I made friends with a random stranger on a flight and I couldn't resist telling him that tags gross me out, because the tag on his neck pillow was too close to me. I couldn't believe it, but he was nice enough to rip it off and throw it away! The post below is from about a week ago, and even thinking about the incident is making me clench my jaws and have a mini meltdown.

My original post from Facebook.

I got quite a few good answers, some of which seemed reasonable, and some that sounded just as strange as my issue. Read the replies below and see if you agree with me or any of my lovely Facebook friends. Do you have a different sensory issue that drives you nuts? If so, I want to know what, so feel free to leave a comment telling me about it. In the meantime, I'll be in the storage closet hiding from tags...and my coworkers.

Facebook friends respond to my awkward struggles.

I know that someone out there is probably going insane looking at the image above because there is no rhyme or reason to the position of the comments. If it's you, just know that I did that just to mess with you. ;-)