Many musicians have announced the release date for upcoming albums, not many have done it as badass as Pop Evil did at Rock on the Range this year. Check out this video of frontman Leigh Kakaty ripping up their record contract with Universal after having problems getting their latest record released.

The band's frustration with Universal had been mounting after several delays of their upcoming record 'War of Angels'. That frustration came to a head in a moment that SPIN hailed as one the 10 most memorable moments at Rock on the Range. Leigh shredded the contract on stage saying "Fuck that shit!". He immediately announced their new deal with Entertainment One and the new release date of June 28th. Ironically enough, that date has already been pushed back but Leigh still exclaimed:

"Nothing puts a bigger smile on our face then getting the chance to say July 5th marks 'War of Angels' release day!"

Check out the video below and then compare it to the scene from 'Airheads' where Chazz wipes his ass with The Lone Rangers' record contract; both great moments in rock history.