McDonald's may need to rethink the toys they are giving away with their Kids Meals. One Michigan four-year-old found one hell of a prize inside of a Burger King Kids Meal, a pipe filled with pot! Thanks Bong King, I mean Burger King!

The meal containing the weed was purchased by the kids grandfather in Dundee. Police say the marijuana was not intended to be sold. You think? I doubt grandpa would of reported the incident if it was prearranged.

The pipe was placed in the kids box by a 23-year-old employee who was hiding it while he worked and did not mean to hand it out. I bet! I'm sure the only prize this genius will get is fired! Maybe he should apply at McDonald's? Is Ronald McDonald the one who sings 'Ba-da-da-da-da...I'm smoking it'? That clown is down to party!