Video filmed by FlyCy ( **

It was no secret to anyone that knows me or listens to my show, that Powerman 5000 was the band I was most excited to see at Dirt Fest 2014. What you might not know is the bands futuristic front man, Spider One, is also an artist.

I had talked art with Spider a few months ago when the band was in town for a Machine Shop show. I took a shot and reached out to Spider's peeps with an idea about him painting something for me at Dirt Fest. Spider agreed and you can see him work his magic on the canvas in the video below. I spent $26.44 on paint supplies, but let me tell you having a Spider creation in my living room is priceless. Spider rules!

Oh, here is a fun fact for you, the pretty girl with the long dark hair you will see in the video and in one of the pictures below is named Christine Connolly. CC fronts a band called 'Knee High Fox' and Spider One recently directed a video for their song 'Kiss Me, Kill Me'. You can check out the video here.