The Cockfight is the only place you'll ever see these two names together. This is for a weird match-up for sure -- Adelitas Way play middle of the road rock and Primus make sounds you rarely find outside of a crystal meth junkies fever dream. Needless to say, this one should be interesting.

  • 'Tragedy's a' Comin''


    After a twelve year recording hiatus, Primus returns with more bass fueled weirdness on the album 'Green Naugahyde'. The first single is 'Tragedy's a' Comin'' definitely has the classic Primus sound, but is it too weird to beat out commercially friendly rockers Adelitas Way?

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  • 'The Collapse'

    Adelitas Way

    You know who they are, you've been voting for them all week. The question that remains important is -- are you willing to do it again? Tune in to The Cockfight tonight at 9p to find out who will go on to finish out the week.

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