Maynard and friends tap into their more aggressive tendencies on Puscifer's new single 'Telling Ghosts' from their sophomore release 'The Conditions of My Parole' -- check out the video here.

Tool and A Perfect Circle vocalist Maynard James Keenan describes his third band -- Puscifer -- as "a playground for the various voices in my head." Much of their material tends to be more experimental, as oppose to the more genre-specific prog metal produced by his main band Tool. On the latest single from Puscifer, however, the band ventures closer to the realm of Tool than usual. Trading the signature sound of Adam Jones angular riffage for a more industrial vibe, the track blends the melodic and heavy in the way that only Maynard can.

After finishing up a brief tour run with Tool, Maynard and Puscifer will hit the road for the second leg of their tour in support of 'The Conditions of My Parole' this month (click here for dates).

Watch Puscifer's Music Video for 'Telling Ghosts'