Move over, James Bond! This November every regular Joe will be able to pick up their very own high-tech vehicle that is truly built for travel on all-terrains. We're talking about the Quadski, an ATV and Jet Ski that can achieve speeds of up to 45 mph on both land and water.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the Quadski will hit the market next month and fetch about $40,000 from all who seek to possess one. The sticker price may seem high, but considering the badassdedness of the futuristic machine and the fact that it will replace both your Jet Ski and you Quad, maybe 40k ain't so bad.

The Quadski is built at the Gibbs Sports Amphibians Factory in Auburn Hills, Michigan, and is powered by a 175-horsepower BMW engine. "People have been trying to make a high-speed amphibious vehicle for 100 years, but nobody could do it,"  says Alan Gibbs, founder of the company. He also revealed that his company is developing five more top-secret projects, of which they "hope to introduce one or two a year." If those projects are anywhere near as awesome as the Quadski, we can't wait to see them!