Yet another rock bassist was placed under arrest for highly unexpected behavior. Former Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri may have topped Coheed and Cambria's Mic Todd in the crazy department; his arrest involved domestic violence, a standoff with S.W.A.T., and a loaded rifle.

One time QOTSA bassist Nick Oliveri was well known for his unpredictable behavior on stage, in fact it is rumored that very behavior played a role in his expulsion from the band. Now it appears that his stage antics have bled over into his personal life as he was placed under arrest Tuesday night (7/12) in Los Angeles.

TMZ reports that a neighbor of Oliveri's called 911 to report a 'disturbance' caused by the rocker and his girlfriend. Sources say the couple's problems started the day before when Oliveri struck his girlfriend during an argument. Things escalated when she returned to collect her things to move out the next day. Nick locked the two inside of the duplex and refused let her leave, even after police arrived on the scene. Since he would not allow police in or his girlfriend (probably ex-girlfriend now) out,  a S.W.A.T. team was called in and a four hour standoff began. Oliveri agreed to release his girlfriend about two hours in, and himself after another two hours. The authorities found a fully loaded high-powered rifle in Oliveri's apartment after his surrender.

Oliveri was booked on felony domestic violence but later released after posting $100,000 bail. Oliveri is currently touring with he and Josh Homme's pre-Queens outfit Kyuss, whose next 10 shows take place out of the country starting with tomorrow's (7/14) in Dour, Belgium. There is no word on whether the bassist, who also performs as Mondo Generator, will be able to perform at those shows or if they will be canceled altogether.