Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme continued his campaign for "Frontman Most Likely to Give Zero F---s" by ripping into the current critical darlings/mainstream alt rock poster-boys Imagine Dragons as well as the Grammys while on stage in Houston February 9th.

Just a week after bouncing some drunk guy off the stage and embarrassing him for the next two minutes, Josh Homme gets another win by making fun of Imagine Dragons, The Man and The Grammys, who shrewdly cut off QOTSA's show ending performance to bring you airline commercials. Imagine Dragons beat out Queens for the Best Rock Performance award for their 2-year old song (I don't know how that happens either) 'Radioactive.'

Homme jokingly introduced their stellar track 'I Appear Missing' by saying "This next song is by Imagine Dragons," which was met with uproarious disapproval from the crowd. He went on to say, "F--- everything. F--- the man. F--- Imagine Dragons and F--- the Grammys,' which won the Texas crowd back instantly. The man knows how to work a room.