The Veer Union defeats Trivium to remain the champ in the Cockfight. However, since the Cockfight is going on hiatus for the holiday's; I thought it'd be cool to do a sort of a "Best of" battle. So I grabbed two of my fav's from this year to find out which one you liked better. The first comes from Parabelle, a Flint-town favorite who slayed a giant by defeating Black Label Society to become champ and then continued to decimate all that got in their way with their track Tear The Blue. The second was a juggernaut of a track from another Flint-town favorite that just couldn't be beat. Ra with Supermegadubstep. Cast your vote once per day before the polls close Sunday night at 11:59p ET.

  • Parabelle

    Tear The Blue [audio:]
  • Ra

    Supermegabustep [audio:]