Sevendust tries to defend their crown against challengers Ra and their new track 'Running Blind'. Be sure to check out the tracks at 9 with Fantone, then help us decide who lives to fight another day in The Cockfight by voting here.

  • 'Running Blind'.


    The band named after "The Sun God" returns with the new single, 'Running Blind'. Can it be as big as their previous hits 'Do You Call My Name' and 'Fallen Angels? That depends on you, if you vote for it -- it may be. You'll have to wait til Fantone spins this one at 9p since it hasn't hit YouTube yet.

  • 'Ride Insane'


    Sevendust is pushing this song as the fourth single from 'Cold Day Memory', which was released on 4/20/10 (smoke 'em if you got 'em). They're trying to score one more hit with their latest, 'Ride Insane', and have already won a few bouts. Unfortunately it only takes on battle to kill you in The Cockfight.