The Flint water crisis is such a complicated issue that there's not even a clear consensus over who's at fault in the man-made disaster, let alone a quick explanation of what went wrong. Rachel Maddow has no problem making relatively quick work of both tasks in a new interview.

America is a pretty contentious place these days. There are at least two sides to everything now. Whether that's a bi-product of the infotainment revolution, the exponential increase of misinformation being spread through social media, or a combination of both, one thing is certain -- this country disagrees about everything. How to solve a problem, the validity of science, hell, even facts are widely debated these days. It's this crippling discord that is preventing us from solving even the simplest of problems.

One of the prime examples of the collective dissonance leading to inaction is the Flint water crisis. A man-made disaster, which could have been easily avoided. So many different parties have been blamed by residents and mainstream media alike, that no one person will ever be held accountable for this... probably no group of people either. While it was a multi-tiered breakdown of several different institutions that led to the crisis, many, myself included, believe the blame lies mostly with Governor Rick Snyder.

He is not solely guilty of all wrongdoings in the crisis, not even most of them, but it would not be possible without his "leadership," and that is a fact. I don't know that there's been a more succinct (and simultaneously infuriating) explanation of that than the one Rachel Maddow gives in this recent interview. The following breakdown was particularly effective:

"That's why people are so mad at the Governor. Cause this isn't the town screwing up. Had the town been left to their own devices, Flint would still be screwed in a lot of ways, but it wouldn't be screwed this way. They wouldn't have lead poisoning. It's because the Governor took over, put somebody in charge, and that's who made that decision, and that's why the accountability is so specific there."

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