About 6 months ago the story broke from a translated interview with vocalist Zach de la Rocha that RATM would be hitting the studios with hopes of dropping a new album by summer of 2011. In a recent interview, guitarist Tom Morello cleared things up for us patient Rage fans.

The initial report came from a Chilean newspaper (the most trusted news source) around last December, but a lack of other sources or statements from the band cast a serious shadow of doubt. Tom Morello made it his first priority to give eager fans the real scoop... 6 months later!

According to Blabbermouth.net, in an interview with The Pulse of Radio, Tom Morello dropped the latest on the band, their touring plans, and their future:

"Right now there are no... You know, the band is not writing songs, the band is not in the studio...We get along famously and we all, you know, intend to do more Rage Against the Machine stuff in the future, but beyond sort of working out a concert this year, there's nothing else on the schedule."

Tom is probably referring to the LA Rising show with themselves, Muse, and Rise Against which goes down July 30th. Morello is also gearing up to release an EP called Union Town and all proceeds will benefit The America Votes Labor Unity Fund. He also has a new Nightwatchman disc called World Wide Rebel Songs due this summer. Blah, blah, blah...
Nobody cares what you're doing if it's not touring or recording with Rage. Sorry if that sounds harsh but many of us have been awaiting a new album for 11 years. Can you guys just get on with it or tell us definitively that it's NOT gonna happen so we can all get on with our lives already?