The originators of rap rock and mostly defunct (aside from a few live shows every year or two) Rage Against The Machine will be turning 20 soon. Perhaps taking a page out of the Pearl Jam playbook, it's rumored that the band has big plans to commemorate the occasion.

There is not much known as of yet but according to Gibson rumors are flying about Rage Against The Machine's plans to celebrate their birthday in "a major way". So far the only thing on the docket for RATM is their L.A. Rising show with Rise Against and Muse.

Hopefully this means that work will finally get underway on the long rumored follow-up to their last album of original material, 1999's 'The Battle of Los Angeles'. More than likely it will be some kind of tour as they probably won't have time to record an album in time to have it out before year's end. Whether it's an album or a string of shows; when it comes to Rage, I'll take what I can get.