Last night Egypt Central barely edged out Haven Hill, who had a majority on the website but got beat by call-in votes. Tonight has Rains as the challenger with their song 'Look in my Eyes'. Listen to both songs here and place your votes as well. As last night proved, call-in votes are equally important, you can do that after The Cockfight starts (9PM) @810-251-5101. Let the cockfighting begin!

  • 'Look in my Eyes'


    At first I wondered why these dudes were covering 90's rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, but then I realized that this is not a cover. The original song comes from Indiana rock group Rains, who are so badass they were deleted by Wikipedia. While the world's most trusted (yet least reliable) encyclopedia doesn't recognize them, you have a chance to by placing your vote for them in The Cockfight.

  • 'Kick Ass'

    Egypt Central

    The music affiliated with the NFL often does not make sense. Super Bowl halftime shows that include Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, and Black Eyed Peas have always left me scratching my head. Something connected to America's favorite Sunday activity that finally does make sense is Egypt Central's latest track 'Kick Ass'. Though the version you will hear all winter long is an edit called 'Kick Off', at least it's a song that actually seems like it belongs in a rough sport like football. It's here to prove it belongs in our rotation by beating everyone down in The Cockfight as well.