Rambo isn't just a model for Suicide Girls, she's the boss lady, too. God, why can't our bosses look more like this?
NAME: Rambo Suicide

AGE: 24

LOCATION: California, USA


OCCUPATION: Model Coordinator for Suicide Girls.

STATS: Stacked.

GETS ME HOT: Talking dirty, fantasizing, hair pulling, finger sucking, skateboarders.

FANTASY: More will power, sex on a waterslide, Don Draper.

SIGN: The twins!

I LOST MY VIRGINITY: For bragging rights.

MY IDEA OF A GOOD TIME: Bars, afterparties, home by dawn.

INTO: Photography, exercise, Nintendo 64, Playstation, being domestic, Photoshop, arts, crafts, crocheting, mysteries, sex, psychology and animals.

VICES: Junk food, staying up late, talking about myself too much, falling in love too easily.


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