Newcomer to the political game Rick Snyder has become a very polarizing figure in most Michigan communities. After a series of bold and controversial moves, some Michigan citizens are making the preparations to recall the governor in November. 

Snyder ruffled a lot of feathers with his Emergency Financial Manager bill a couple months ago and it is that exact reason he may see his term in office cut short. The bill in question caused several large protests at our state's capital and was met with extreme resistance from labor unions, as it has the potential to void their contracts. 

Another popular complaint against Snyder is his budget which puts a $25 million annual cap on the state's once unlimited film tax incentives. The cap has already caused production of dozens of films to jump ship including the massive upcoming comic book movie The Avengers and an untitled Doug Liman (Director of Mr. and Mrs. Smith) film which planned to spend $155 million in our state (expecting about $22.9 million in return). There is also whispers that this tax credit will be axed all together in the coming months. Looks like our newly revitalized film industry is once again dead in the water (or at least on life support). 

If this stuff gets your blood boiling you may have another chance to vote and voice your opinion. The folks at plan to file a petition to get Snyder's recall on the November ballot as soon as they can (July 1st). The site urges those that would like to help to get registered to vote as that will be the biggest factor once the recall is put on the ballot. There is complete info on the reasoning behind the effort and information for those who would like to volunteer or donate to the cause at their website