The Red Hot Chili Peppers give their fans a head-spinning look at the band as they unleash the official music video for their new single 'Look Around.'

One of the most infectious songs on the latest Chili Peppers LP 'I'm With You' has been transferred to a visual medium with the help of director Robert Hales. The new clip was impressively filmed in one take and features each respective member in separate rooms as the camera revolves to capture the action in each. Hales explained how each member was involved with the design of their own area when speaking with Spinner:

"I can say that the band were great to work with -- real gentlemen -- and it was a genuinely collaborative process. They were all extremely involved creatively. Each room loosely represented the band members' personalities, so almost all the props and artwork in the rooms came from their personal collections."

We're not quite sure what new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer's bare-bones room -- featuring a chair, an end table, and a desk lamp -- is supposed to say about his personality but he has easily fallen into the role of the least animated Chili Pepper. Perhaps the simplistic room is fitting.

WARNING: If you have motion sickness, you may want to have some Dramamine and a barf bag nearby while watching this clip. We haven't seen this much camera spinning since the nauseating shootout with the Haitians in Bad Boys 2.